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welcome to nomma by the vita food group

Introducing Nomma, a brand that captures the essence of family drama and embodies the passion, humor, and love of Italian family life. Our inspiration comes from the untempered emotions of the Italian character and the essential role that food plays. As a business that represents family harmony, we’re excited to offer a brand that celebrates family life with a touch of Italian flair. Explore Nomma today and experience the true essence of Italian culture.

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Nomma offers a perfectly curated range of authentic Italian foods designed to delight those who appreciate the extraordinary tastes and dramatic characters found throughout Italy. Our dishes are easy to combine and invite into your home, providing the quintessential backdrop for boisterous conversation and laughter. Explore Nomma’s collection today and experience the finest Italian cuisine that’s sure to impress your guests and satisfy your taste buds.

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Nomma’s delicious dishes are enjoyed by those who appreciate quality and have a love for authentic Italian foods. Our products are a cut above the average grocery ready meal and are perfect for cultured and curious adventurers who are searching for a convenient way to indulge their dreams of experiencing Italy. Explore our range at Nomma today and treat yourself to a taste of Italy like never before.

our inspiration

“Inspired by the untampered emotion of the Italian character and the essential role food plays in the Italian lifestyle, Nomma is infused with the passion, humor and love of Italian family life.“

Nomma offers a perfectly curated range of Italian foods that embody the exceptional flavours and extraordinary character of Italy. Our products are alive with untempered emotion and reflect the honest, down-to-earth values of Italian culture. We believe in the simple ideals of food, family, and felicity, but also celebrate the passion and drama that characterise everyday Italian life. Each dish is designed to celebrate the extraordinary tastes and dramatic characters to be found across Italy.

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NOMMA, our brand, merges the two most important Italian family members, “Nonna” and “Mamma,” to hero the essence of family. We offer premium quality products across multiple categories, embodying Italian authenticity through both the dramatic and delightful moments inspired by the Italian family. Our brand tells the story of the true Italian experience, with playful, evocative, and emotional messaging. Experience the true essence of Italy with NOMMA.